Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Zip codes of Kishoreganj (Dhaka)

The system of zip codes or postal codes is used by the country of united sates in 1963. It is properly written in Capital letters to sent mail one place to another place more efficiently. So every person should care to write Zip codes to sent mail. Now I am giving Zip codes of  Kishoreganj.

Abdullahpur 2371

Bajitpur 2336

Bhairab 2350

Chhoysuti 2341

Gochhihata 2331

Hossenpur 2320

Itna 2390

Karimganj 2310

Katiadi 2330

Kishoreganj S.Mills 2301

Kishoreganj Sadar 2300

Kuliarchar 2340

Laksmipur 2338

Maizhati 2302

MIthamoin 2370

Nikli 2360

Nilganj 2303

Ostagram 2380

Pakundia 2326

Sararchar 2337

Tarial 2316

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