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Chittagong is the commerce and industry city in Bangladesh. It stands on the banks of the Karnaphuli River. It is the busiest seaport and second largest city in Bangladesh and it  has been a seaport since ancient time. Over 5.5 million populations live in this city, male 54.36% and female 45.64%. Muslims (83.92%), Hindus (13.76%), Buddhism (2.01%) and Christians (0.11%) and others 0.2% live in this city. 15276 people live in per square km. Now a day Chittagong is one of the fastest growing cities all over the world. Islamic preacher Hazrat Badar Aawlia arrived in this city from the seas and chose the pahar name Cheragi Pahar for vantage point to spread the message of Islam among the locals more than six hundred years ago. The Chittagong city areas are divided into two part
1.    wards and
2.    mahallas
Under the jurisdiction of the Chittagong City Corporation.
 The Chittagong Development Authority makes and implements Master Plan for city development and they are primarily responsible for framing and implementing.

From early times, Chittagong attracted people from various regions of the world. The origins of the people of the city are diverse many kinds of multi-ethnic. There are many kinds of people live here such as Tibeto-Burman, Arab, Afghan, Mughal origin, Chakma tribe. Portuguese settlers are also live here. Urban people are involved in the import-export many things from one country to another country.
In this city men’s common dress are Lungi or dhoti and women’s is saree. Rice and fish is the staple food and seafood is quite popular food of them.

Gourds, pumpkins, various legumes are common vegetable of there and they also eat jack fruits, ice-apples, coconuts, bananas, custard apple, etc.

In Chittagong, there are many mosques, shrines, dargah, buildings and other masonry. In this city most of the buildings are built on top of low hills and hillocks and also the valleys and plains. The sea-borne exports many things such as ready made garments, knitwear, frozen food, jute and jute products, leather and leather products, tea, and chemical products and they trade boats, bringing chiefly cotton, rice, spices, sugar and tobacco.
There are many kinds of newspaper such as daily newspapers, opposition newspaper, business newspapers which based in Chittagong. There are many attractive place such as Chittagong Hill Tracts, Patenga beach, Foy's Lake, Heritage Park, Chittagong Ethnological Museum, World War II cemetery and Zia Memorial Museum and so on.

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