Sunday, 25 March 2012

Environment of Bangladesh.

Nature, land, air, water, plants and other things around us in which we live are called environment. Any abnormal change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics of environment is called pollution. At present our environment is getting polluted every moment. In the 21st century one of the greatest problems is pollution. For pollution our environment becomes damage
and damage. Air, water, sound and other are elements of environment are polluted moment and moment. These elements are being polluted in many ways. In cities and towns air is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and monoxide gases emitted by motor vehicles and other reason. Men create smoke by burning fire wood for cooking, burning brick and melting pitch for road constriction. Besides, trash and indiscriminate discharge of human waste pollute Air. Water is an important element. We cannot live a day without water. But this water is polluted in many ways. The river and sea water is polluted by waste, chemicals and other poison of mills and factories. Oil tankers often clean out their tank in the sea and power house release hot water into the river which kills fish and plants of river and sea. The surface of the earth both in towns and rural areas is being polluted garbage. It creates bad oduor which pollutes environment. It is harmful for human being. There is another factor that makes pollution and that is sound. We have sound from motor vehicles, aeroplanes, mills, factories, domestic appliances, radio, television, VCR, cassette player and so on. The sound made by these things pollutes our environment. For sound pollution our student cannot read attentively and most of the people who work in mills and factories, they become unable to hair. This pollution so much affects our hearing and nerves. The airs we breathe, the water we drink, the food we take are not absolutely good for health. In industrial areas the workers become sick. Sometimes sickness is so serous that it cannot be cured. Polluted water causes diarrhea and typhoid etc.

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