Monday, 26 March 2012

Unfortunate Ship Titanic

An American shipping Co. Launched the great ship Titanic in 1912. It was the biggest and the most luxurious ship of that time, the weight of the ship was 460000 Tons. It had carrying capacity of 2200 passengers. At that time, however, she was not only the largest ship that had been ever built, but also regarded as unsinkable, for she had sixteen watertight compartments, the owner of the ship
was boastful of it. The Titanic made her fist voyage from Southampton to New York on 10 April, 1912.She was carrying 1316 passengers and a crew of 891. All the passengers ware in happy mood and enjoying themselves. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered for she went down on her first voyage with heavy loss of life. Four days after setting out while the Titanic was sailing across the icy water of the North Atlantic, a huge iceberg was suddenly spotted by a look out. After the alarm had been given the great ship turned sharply to avoid a collision. Suddenly there was Slight trembling sound from below and the captain went down to see what had happened. The noise had been so faint that no one thought that the ship had been damaged below. The captain realized to his horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly, for five of the sixteen watertight compartments had already been flooded. This terrible disaster happened on the 15 April. A committee of inquiry was formed in 1913. After the inquiry they drew up many new rules for ocean journey.

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