Saturday, 5 May 2012

Drug addiction.

Drug addiction has become a serious social problem. Young boys and girls are increasingly being addicted to drug nowadays. It is a bad habit like smoking. But smoking is no dangerous as drug addiction, people take drug due to many reasons. The reasons are frustration, unemployment problem and acute mental crises. Drug has a variety of items including morphin, heroin, cocaine, etc. Drug addiction works through a strong international network, the dishonest businessmen and smugglers contribute greatly to the worldwide spread of drug. People
who once get addicted to drugs can hardly get rid of it. A drug addict person gradually loses his health, wealth and finally becomes sick seriously. He gradually loses his health. Wealth and finally becomes sick seriously. He gradually begins to lose his weight, his skin changes and falls victim to the icy hands of death. Drug addiction can be controlled by raising consciousness among the people in general and by putting a ban on it.

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