Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sound pollution.

Nowadays sound pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution hazards. Sound pollution has some important causes. It is caused by high pitched sound, Continuous blaring of sound or sudden shirking sound. The effect of this pollution is danger for us. They often lead to deafness, mental imbalance and even heart failure. There are many factors that cause sound pollution. Indiscriminate use of microphones, shrill electric horns of motor vehicles. Sounds made by buses, trucks, aeroplanes, various fireworks and slogan shouting. For heavy sound
pollution some student cannot read attentively, the patient of hospital feel uneasy and the workers cannot hair smoothly. The sounds made by mikes, cassettes etc, are really intolerable. In the development country use many tools to remove sound pollution in their country. In development country, which home, hospital, school is situated near the airport, factories and mills and so on, they use sound removal tools to less sound. Our government should take some proper step to less sound pollution in our country. Our government also should do some law that driver cannot do create sound pollution near school, mosque, hospital and so on. People must be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution. They should be conscious of the irreparable injuries sound pollution might cause. Noises should be effectively controlled by imposing injunctions on those who are engaged in creating sound pollution

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