Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Air pollution.

Nowadays air pollution is one of the most important topics in our life. Man cannot live a single moment without air, but we are polluting air in many ways. Generally, People create smoke and smoke pollutes air. The most serious air pollution occurs in big cities where there are many vehicles, industries, etc are creating smoke continuously. Mills and factories use coal and oil. These things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air. Railway engines, buses, trucks, cars other vehicles are plying through on the streets everyday which make
polluted the air. They use petrol and diesel. These things cause air pollution. Burning of things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air. When we make our road, we need to use Alketra which make air pollution. In industrial areas sometimes workers become so sick by inhaling polluted air that they cannot be cured. Air is so important for our al. We get oxygen from the air and leave up carbon dioxide in the air which is important to create our food. If our air is polluted day by day, we can not get pure food from the nature. To stop air pollution, we should immediately check the vehicles, industrial areas, burning etc. which are creating heavy smoke.

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