Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Water pollution.

Like arsenic pollution water pollution is very dangerous. Water is an important element of our human environment. It is essential for all men, animals and plants. We can not live a day without water.  Pure ware is good for health. But polluted water is harmful for all men, animals and plants. We use water for bathing, washing, and other. But it can be polluted in many ways. Arsenic is a poison which is mixed with tube well water and pollutes it. Not only have that, men pollute water by throwing wastes into rivers, ponds, sea, canals etc. Farmers
use chemical fertilizer in their fields to grow more crops. They also use poisonous chemicals to kill the insects. Village people bath their cow, goat and other animal in the water of ponds. Village women wash their dishes into the river, ponds and canal wash their clothes into the river which pullulated the river water. Rains and floods wash them away and mix them with water of rivers, canals and ponds, sea. All these cause water pollution. Mills and factories also pollute water by throwing waste materials and oil into rivers, canals, sea etc. Steamers, launches and even sail boats throw oil, food waste and human waste into rivers and thus water is being polluted. Sometimes some street people make some unsanitary Latinas on the river which also pollute water. Human waste and filth falling into rivers through drains pollute water, by drinkin polluted water we may become sick, to ensure our good heath we must prevent water poll. In this respect we should make the people aware of its bad effects and control all things and ways that cause water pollution.

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