Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Strike has been imported from the western countries to our country. Even only sixty to seventy years ago, this Strike was unknown to our society. Strike nowadays has become a regular issue in the Indian sub continent and in other poor countries. Needless to say that poverty is the root cause of this Strike. This Strike is one of the strong hold o vicious circle. The poor people are to revolve round this vicious circle of poverty. There are the owners and the workers in mills and factories, in case of manifold problems and pressures the owners become
merciless towards the workers. Workers start to demand more in the face of greater necessity, the owners start not to listen to the limitless demand of the workers, the owners of these mills, factories and industries naturally are richer, workers and laborers being deprived of their dues, have resort to Strike to press home their demand. Consequently, a clash between the workers and owners crop up. Some people in Bangladesh are trying to create troubles and dislocation in the government and that is why they are trying to use this good weapon of strike
With an evil purpose, today the necessity of strike
Is not providing that much in the country. No doubt, in a democratic country right, but there must be some reasons. Without strong reasons or by making superfluous reasons to call strike t serve ones own interest is never desirable. A simple days strike causes huge losses for this poor country, many strikes we have come across, it is high time, we gave up the culture of calling strike for trifling or no reason. So, we have seen that the strike has both the sides good and bad, we should try to use the good side of it and should try to refine from the bad and evil side of it

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