Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Acid throwing

In Bangladesh, the incidents of acid throwing had increased at an alarming rate. In the past became almost a regular feature, generally acid was a corrosive substance; it can burn holes in wood and corrode metals. It has various applications such as; primarily industrial. It is used in making medicines, ornaments etc. Some notorious people use acid to fulfill their evil desires, they use it to burn the beautiful skin of innocent women. If they fail in love affair they become revengeful. Some throw acid if they fail to extract dowry from their wives the impacts of
acid throwing are really horrible. Acid throwing causes of irreparable loss to the victims. The victims have to undergo intolerable physical. Mental and social sufferings, they have to live with disfigured body and appearance. Sometimes it is worse than death, many survivors lose their sight. Social isolation and fear become their companions. It is not easy to fathom the miserable state of these women. The law enforcing agencies can play vital role in curbing acid violence. They must ensure strict vigilance. The culprit must be arrested immediately. It is delayed, the actual criminals may not be arrested. Prompt justice must be ensured. Life imprisonment or hanging should be the punishment. The government must imposer strict prohibition on selling acid; without pro0per proscription nobody should be allowed to buy acid. Government must ensure protection of survivors and should raise awareness in community and society.

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