Monday, 7 May 2012

Women’s contribution the development of our country.

About 50% of the population of the world is women are women. Until recently, the main occupation of women of our country was house keeping. But today they are not merely daughters, wives and mothers, they are policy makers, administrators, prime minister, doctors, engineers, teachers, traders, shopkeepers and so on. In the world women are supplying about 33% labour force. If we could ensure a better environment for women to work, they would contribute more and more, a nation worth literate masses cannot utilize the benefits of modern
science. So we have to launch a campaign to remove mass illiteracy. First, we should remove the women’ illiteracy. The socio economic condition of our women should be improve and made much better; of course, they are participating in various kinds of works like administration, engaged in political, social, cultural works and so on. The crying issues for women are the lack of social security and dignity. They are still being repressed for dowry. Lack of congenial working environment is also a crying issue for them. Anyway, they are now adjusting themselves with the advanced worked to get their work and contribution recognized and rewarded.

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