Monday, 20 February 2012

Zip codes of Jessore (Khulna)

 The system of zip codes or postal codes is used by the country of united sates in 1963. It is properly written in Capital letters to sent mail one place to another place more efficiently. So every person should care to write Zip codes to sent mail. Now I am giving Zip codes of  Jessore.

Bag Achra     7433

Bagharpara     7470

Basundia     7406

Benapole     7431

Bhugilhat     7462

Chanchra     7402

Chougachha     7410

Churamankathi     7407

Gouranagar     7471

Jadabpur     7432

Jessore Airbach     7404

Jessore canttonment     7403

Jessore Sadar     7400

Jessore Upa-Shahar     7401

Jhikargachha     7420

Keshobpur     7450

Monirampur     7440

Noapara     7460

Rajghat     7461

Rupdia     7405

Sarsa     7430

If you want to know more Zip codes about the division of Chittagong and its other District please click, Satkhira, Narail, Magura and Meherpur, Kustia, Khulna, Chuadanga and Jinaidaha, IBS was Here.  

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