Saturday, 3 March 2012

Zip codes of Satkhira ( Khulna)

The system of zip codes or postal codes is used by the country of united sates in 1963. It is properly written in Capital letters to sent mail one place to another place more efficiently. So every person should care to write Zip codes to sent mail. Now I am giving Zip codes of  Satkhira.

Ashashuni     9460

Baradal     9461

Budhhat     9403

Buri Goalini     9453

Chandanpur     9415

Debbhata     9430

Gabura     9454

Gunakar kati     9402

Gurugram     9431

Habinagar     9455

Hamidpur     9413

Jhaudanga     9412

kalaroa     9410

Kaliganj UPO     9440

Khordo     9414

Murarikati     9411

Nakipur     9450

Nalta Mubaroknagar     9441

Naobeki     9452

Noornagar     9451

Patkelghata     9421

Ratanpur     9442

Satkhira Islamia Acc     9401

Satkhira Sadar     9400

Taala     9420

If you want to know more Zip codes about the division of Chittagong and its other District please click, Narail, Magura and Meherpur, Kustia, Khulna, Jessor, Chuadanga and Jinaidaha, IBS was Here.

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