Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zip codes of Magura & Meherpur ( Khulna)

The system of zip codes or postal codes is used by the country of united sates in 1963. It is properly written in Capital letters to sent mail one place to another place more efficiently. So every person should care to write Zip codes to sent mail. Now I am giving Zip codes of Magura & Meherpur.


Arpara     7620

Binodpur     7631

Langalbadh     7611

Magura Sadar     7600

Mohammadpur     7630

Nachol     7612

Nahata     7632

Shripur     7610


Amjhupi     7101

Amjhupi     7152

Gangni     7110

Meherpur Sadar     7100

Mujib Nagar Complex     7102

If you want to know more Zip codes about the division of Chittagong and its other District please click, Satkhira, Narail, Kustia, Khulna, Jessor, Chuadanga and Jinaidaha, IBS was Here

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